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ORC 2019: Week 6 Finale-The Mid Mod Farmhouse

ORC 2019: Week 6 Finale-The Mid Mod Farmhouse

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I’ve been itching to show you guys these pictures since they were taken this past Sunday because the final room result of this One Room Challenge is just so so good! And now that the official reveal date is here, I can highlight every single beautiful angle of this updated historic farmhouse living room! But, before I move on to the photos, I must send out an enormous thank you to our sponsor Raymour & Flanigan- the room was made because of their furniture! I even chose a few special order pieces and everything was delivered at the same time, in one truckload and ahead of schedule.

Let’s take a look back at where we started: dark dark dark! These photos actually show the electrical work in progress- step one to brightening the room was to add 3 banks of recessed led fixtures- totaling 9 lights. The next step was to remove the texture from the ceiling by skim coating every single section between those original beams. Then it was onto painting each of those sections a bright white, as well freshening up the window and door trim with a semi gloss white as well. And finally, some of the non-original wood paneling was painted the same light grey that we chose for the rest of the room, allowing the original wood details to stand out and the remaining walls to become a brighter backdrop to the happy furniture and accessories.

Even the design boards that I created using kid and wallet friendly Raymour furniture evoked visions of a more modern, vibrant and family friendly living room:

And by creating a brand new layout, using zones to fill and define different areas of the room, we were able to bring in more functionality and highlight how large the space really is.

Antique farmhouse turned mid mod living room design by the rath project

The first area that I decided to focus on was the fireplace “frontal.” In the before photos, you may notice that the lack of appropriately sized furniture and the placement of the single sofa directly in front of the fireplace condensed the size of this sector. Rather than highlighting just how grand that 1750’s fireplace feature is, it made everything else appear miniature- almost consumed by a large dark entity- in comparison. To solve this issue, I chose 2 three-seater Ravity sofas from Raymour & Flanigan in a tweed-like blue to compliment the wood tones and to showcase just how much space there actually is in the room. Paired with a retro style kidney bean coffee table, also from Raymour, and a soft pouf for kids to perch on the newly added shag rug, and we now have a winning nod to a mid mod lounge area that perfectly fits this family’s aesthetic, and properly fills out the space- no more looming fireplace feeling.


Another zone that I constructed to the right of the fireplace was a reading nook. Originally we had plans to add another storage cabinet on this side, but the wife loved the idea of a bench placed under the window to soak up the sun on warm days while enjoying the view of the pool below (*don’t worry the Margo server that was delivered is being put to good use in their open concept family/ dining room instead!). Being that this was the only large window in the room, I chose a bench from Raymour- the Waylon- that spans the entire length, from newly upholstered curtain panel to the the other, again flaunting the expansiveness of the room. Because this spot also leads to the wife’s office, , I decided to keep the rest minimal with a leafy umbrella tree, a mirror to reflect even more light, and a piece of newly framed art from their incredible collection (in the future, I’d love to add one more framed piece, but will have to wait until their youngest ages out of touching everything-lol!).

custom retro curtain panels and mid mod bench in farmhouse living room designed by The Rath Project
HIstoric Farmhouse living room turned mid century modern retreat with custom drapery panels designed by the Rath Project

The third zone that I came up with, and honestly my favorite of the entire room, has been dubbed “the listening corner.” This is where the homeowners now display their vintage radio and very appropriately paired “tv” art from their curated stock. On the adjacent wall, their record player is featured atop the modern Lacqueredge Sideboard from Raymour. This piece provides all the storage they need for their extensive record compilation (with additional space left for kids toys). Above the sideboard, I grouped together some very fun “objets d'art” and composed a gallery wall to further evoke the family’s vibrant personality. This, along with pops of color through groupings of “old” and new accessories in the freshly painted built in shelving unit, a small seating area consisting of their own vintage chair and side table, and new matching cornices, produced a unique and functional area that was once just a pass through to the upstairs.

Antique farmhouse turned mid mod living room design by the rath project
Wilton CT mid century antique design by the Rath Project
vintage radio in the listening area of a retro mid mod living room of an antique CT farmhouse  designed by The Rath Project
vintage radio in the listening area of a retro mid mod living room of an antique CT farmhouse  designed by The Rath Project
Antique farmhouse turned mid mod living room design with white console and collected gallery wall by the rath project
Antique farmhouse turned mid mod living room design with gallery wall and collection of objects by the rath project

In every project that I take on, reflecting the homeowners’ personalities is top priority. And when I get to showcase that in a way that’s as full of color and life as the family who lives there, my job is doubly fun! This One Room Challenge was a perfect example of how a few key pieces of furniture- thanks again Raymour and Flanigan for providing these essentials- mixed with items personally collected, and therefore meaningful and representative of each family member’s character, create a space that’s not only unique but one that’s so comfortable you don’t want to leave. A big bonus for us- we’re lucky enough to have these clients as good friends so we get to spend A LOT of time in their new “mid mod antique farmhouse living room” ( I bet that’s a deign phrase you don’t expect to hear very much!).

Antique farmhouse turned mid mod living room  with exposed beams design by the rath project

Each ORC finale comes after weeks and weeks of strenuous work and a whole lotta love so I encourage you to take a few moments to check out the reveals of the other participants (just click HERE)- who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to take the plunge into the One Room Challenge yourself next round!?

Love and Creativity,


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