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ORC 2019: Week 4- Plants and a Punch List

ORC 2019: Week 4- Plants and a Punch List

Sooo…This week’s One Room Challenge update could be one of the least exciting ones to date- and though that may be blah blah boring for you as a reader, it’s oh so nice for me as a designer because it means that things are going mostly according to plan. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of hiccups during this project- some of which are resolved and others that have an upcoming resolution in the works- but most of the challenges occurred in the very beginning.

Here’s a punch list of what I still need to do in order to completely finish this space:

  1. Electrician to return- replace recessed lights with alternative (Philips?) & possible change dimmer switch to another brand

  2. Upholsterer to measure for drapery and blinds (decide on fabric blinds vs fabric cornices for smaller windows)

  3. Order fabric for window treatments (add treatments to den as well?)

  4. Order 2 matching rugs for left/right sides of main living room

  5. Bring office chair into living room or find new small colorful accent chair to fit corner

  6. New side table by accent chair (not brown)

  7. Research and buy lower light plants (1-2 tall, 1-2 small for shelves and/or sideboard)

  8. Pillows for sofas- 2 bolsters made to match drapery, 4 additional decorative

  9. Hang art when returned from framer

  10. Find 2nd grey lamp to make a pair- add to credenza (if lamp is no longer available, find new matching pair)

  11. Order dried florals to add to vases

  12. Style room with accessories/decorative collected items

  13. Replace outlet covers (switch 1 silver screw in light switch to white)

  14. New lamp shade for floor lamp?

A lot of this to-do list is easy peasy and I’ll be checking things off pretty quickly in the next few days. But, what I’m most excited about and really want to be sure I get right is the addition of the correct type of house plants for the room. I personally own about 30, but carefully monitor and care for each one. Yet, I’m always wary of adding them to a client’s home. Yes, they provide so much life, color and texture to an environment, but every single habitat is different. Getting just the right plant for each space and family dynamic is crucial to making sure that it lives a long healthy life and doesn’t become a burden for the owners. And since this room has a limited number of windows, low ceilings and overall lower light, I’m looking at both trees and smaller shelf plants that can handle these conditions. Additionally, the husband and wife lead very busy lives and therefore, less fickle, low water plants work best. And let’s not forget that a 1 year old and and 4 year live here too- so you won’t be seeing any huge cacti in this space ; )

Below are the colorful pots that the wife was storing in their barn- they’ll be perfect in the living room!


I’m heading to the nursery, with these pots in hand, on Saturday to be best advised by the staff (did you know that most independent nurseries will pot the plants for you in the store!?), but here are some options that I’m already interested in:

sanseveria plant orc living room.PNG

The Sansevieria plant is often referred to as the snake plant because of its appearance. This guy is super low maintenance and can tolerate low to bright light. And speaking from experience, you can ignore it for weeks and it will still be fine. The shape and striated leaf design work perfectly in modern and retro interiors.

The Philodendron and the ZZ plant are also great options for those who want to introduce plants into their home. Both require little “looking after” and provide really neat architectural shapes and texture. I picture that spotty philodendron draping graciously over the top shelf of their corner built in and another down the side of the fireplace mantle.

alii ficus orc living room.PNG

One of the larger plants we may add is the Alii Ficus. Though I often get nervous whenever I hear “ficus” (I’ve had some challenges with different types in the past), these particular trees are supposed to tolerate A LOT! Perfect for a family who may forget to water it on schedule.

I can’t wait to share what we choose! And check back next week, just 7 days before the finale, to see if things are still running as smoothly as I hope- this is usually when chaos ensues lol, so wish me luck!

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As always- Love and Creativity,


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