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ORC 2109: Week 3- Picking the Patterns

ORC 2109: Week 3- Picking the Patterns

It’s week 3 and things are really starting to come together! If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen a few sneak peeks of the space, but because I want to save the big changes for later, i’ve decided to focus on some of the seemingly smaller decor decisions. I say seemingly because in actuality each of these choices give much life to a room by bringing in the personality of the homeowners, and when done right, providing a sense of cohesion throughout. These things also just happen to be my favorite way to add bright bold colors and fun textures.

First up: the rug! The piece that both literally and figuratively grounds a room. Both husband and wife wanted something that gave off a feeling of warmth, but had an equally cool retro vibe. Since the couple are parents to 2 young kids, we looked for something that would be comfortable for impromptu imaginary play, but also sophisticated enough for adults to kick back with a glass of wine and bare feet while hanging by the fire.

Below are the top 3 choices. We’ve already installed “the one,” but you’ll have to wait for another post to see what we ended up with!

One of the simplest ways to bring a bit of fun into a home is through fabric. Patterned, colorful designs are always at the top of my list, so it’s a treat when I work with families who let me “go there” with fabrics. I love being able to give clients a custom look whenever possible and having window treatments and pillows made in one’s favorite colors and prints is the easiest way to set a home apart from others. Below are some of the top picks for this room’s drapery and pillow designs.

Next up is another big way to bring the family’s personality into the home: art! I am excited to report that each of these pieces is already part of their personal collection. if this doesn’t give you a glimpse into their brains, then I don’t know what does!

orc art 1.PNG
orc art 2.PNG
orc art 3.PNG

Last, but not least, are the accessories and as you can probably tell by now, color and interesting shapes and forms are top priority in this space. Because the bones of the room are still that of an antique farmhouse, modern design in these details provide a wonderful juxtaposition. Each of these pieces are from West Elm and already have a home in the living room. They won’t be the only accessories that we add, but they’re a good start!

Well if it wasn’t clear before, I’m sure that as you’ve reached the end of this post it’s obvious that color and unique touches are important to the overall aesthetic. I cannot wait to show how, with the newly chosen furniture, more functional layout and paint choices, each of the things highlighted today, bring an awesome vibe to a living room that will finally be fit for a fun, young modern family. Check back in next week to see what we’re up to and don’t forget to spend some time heading to the pages of the other bloggers participating in this season’s One Room Challenge- just click HERE.

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