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One Room Challenge Week 6: Fall 2019 The Reveal!!!

One Room Challenge Week 6: Fall 2019 The Reveal!!!

Thank you to Spoonflower, Minted.com, Fabricut, Home Pop, Chairish, Raymour & Flanigan, Lamps Plus, Hudson Valley Lighting, Jill Rosenwald , LeGrand & Couristan for kindly sponsoring this challenge & post. All opinions are 100% my own.

(Photo credit goes to my friend AND fellow ORC featured designer: Erin Kestenbaum)

Wow! Guys, I cannot believe it, we have a new dining room AND a newly decorated sun room and we did it all with a new baby who has already learned what his big brother has known for too long- that his mother will take on design projects even at the most chaotic times in life! Why? Because I like to make our surroundings fun and beautiful! And man, did this turn out fun and beautiful!!! I couldn’t have done any of it without the support of all of our product sponsors, who I will be highlighting periodically throughout this post, our host, Linda, our media sponsor, Better Homes & Gardens, and of course the other featured designers who are an amazing source of encouragement- I do hope you head to each of their blogs and social media pages when you’re done viewing mine because every single one of them deserves a high five and a glass of wine (but probably a bottle)!

(I’ve decided to not include any before pictures and just send you back to week 1 instead by clicking here because all anybody REALLY cares about at this moment is the final product- am I right!?)

Okay, are you ready? Are you really really ready??? Begin drum roll please…Here it is, the One Room Challenge dining room and sun room reveal:

sm ORC dinig room blue ceiling green medallion orange built in bookshelves by TheRathProject.jpg
sm ORC dining room with shagreen pumpkin wallpaper spoonflower designed by TheRathProject.jpg

Obviously paint made a huge impact here! The high gloss blue square and the spicey red-orange Kalahari sunset work better than I could have imagined together, but I also got my green in there with a bit of dark sage on the ceiling medallion (all paints are Behr). Yet, the real star of the show in here is the Spoonflower petite shagreen wallpaper! She is a beauty! I had to stick to my guns on this one- everyone except for my installer, George, thought that I should have played it safe and encouraged me to choose a more toned down color and pattern. But I’m definitely not one to shy away from a risk- they so often pay off and you know what, if it didn’t work out I was fine with that-I was happy to change things up if need be. I had to give it a try! And thankfully my instincts were right! the paper envelopes the room and everyone in it creating a warm welcoming environment that all at once feels super fun and inviting; plus it gives everyone an attractive glow- what’s better than that for a dinner party!?

ORC dining room design by TheRathProject couristan rug and minted picture trio.jpg
sm ORC Zar at gumball machine in dining room by TheRathProject.jpg

The vintage gumball machine (that I purchased at Brimfield Flea Market last spring and took apart and cleaned up) is a usable piece of interactive art! Sitting it in front of the black framed photographs (Motel Pool and Tastee Treet, both from Minted. The Burger King art is thrifted) allowed the colors to seriously pop!

sm ORC dining room chandelier closeup with orange built ins by TheRathProject.jpg
sm ORC designed by therathproject spicey orange painted built ins with shagreen paper.jpg
ORC dining room ME theRathProject!!.jpg

And there I am matching my decor of course! LOL!

In order to keep that collected, layered look going, I had to, well, display my collections! And for the dining room my focus was on bar ware, dishware and extra special decor items that make this space feel less like a dining room and more like a library or salon. In addition to my regular thrift haunts, Chairish, an online boutique for curated vintage, antique and new finds seriously came through to help me get the look I was trying to achieve. By searching their site, I was able to narrow things down to coveted pieces, like the smoky decanter and matching glasses now displayed on the dining room “bar”, that would seamlessly fit into my established collection. Next, I wanted to add a pop of color to the table and came across the vintage Swedish candelabra that reminds me of our balloon dog art in the other room AND the gumballs in our working gumball machine (I try to find ways to bring the entire house together and create a flow so no room feels out of place). Because Chairish also works with current makers and creatives to host a platform for new goods, I was able to bring in a few more unique pieces that you’ll see throughout- the eye pillow on the bench below may be one of favorite additions because it’s just so interesting!

ORC design by TheRathProjectdining room table red swedish candelabra from Chairsihand motel art from chairish and minted.jpg
ORC dining room into kitchen from living room with sarinen style chairs lamps plus and motel art by minted design by TheRathProject.jpg

The Holiday Motel art brings all the colors of the room together and the abstract plaid rug from Couristan (the softest thing I’ve ever set my bare feet on) literally and figuratively grounds the room.

The dining chairs from Lamps Plus (yes, you heard that right- they sell more than lamps!) are just the right pop of mid century modern that I was looking for! I was nervous that the room was going to lean too classic with the built-ins and paper and wanted to hold true to the home’s 1960’s roots. These Saarinen style- executive chair replicas brought that vibe in in a big way! Sure, the real deal Saarinens are on my wish list, but without a huge budget, these did just the trick! The grey upholstered seats and arm rests, make everyone want to stay around the table a bit longer (never a problem if you ask me!) and the wood-look metal legs will hold up to years of kids. Not only did they fit the budget, but they also arrived super quickly, allowing me to focus on pulling together all the other areas of the space.

ORC jill rosenwald bowl in dining room designed by TheRathProject.jpg

Can we pause for a moment to admire how gorgeous this moss green raffia bowl by Jill Rosenwald is!! Remember that she created this piece to match my vision of the space- it ties into the green ceiling medallion above- such a cohesive look!

ORC dining room table setting  by theRathProject and jill rosenwald bowl.jpg

The place setting of modern, mixed-color dishware from the MOMA design store pairs perfectly with the funky Spoonflower cocktail napkins depicting bright colored insects (a theme you’ll see repeated in the sun room) and multi-colored houndstooth dinner napkins.

ORC table setting by TheRathProject close up with spoonflower napkins.jpg

Another, and probably the most indisputable, element to creating that glow that I mentioned earlier is the lighting of course! And Hudson Valley Lighting seriously came through for us on this front! All the lighting you see in both of these rooms (except for a last minute addition of the striped table lamp from my personal lamp stockpile) is from HVL. They have some of the most beautiful and unique pieces and are all top quality- I am honestly proud to have them in our home. You’ve seen a sneak peek of the Troy Kokoro chandelier in earlier posts, but this is the first time I’m showing off the mid century inspired brass sconces. These are meant to be hardwired, but my husband and I decided that converting them to a plug in option would be best for this project (I may post a tutorial on that in the future- let’s just say it was the easiest diy I’ve completed to this day!).

sm ORC dining room with right sconce looking through window into sunroom by TheRathProject.jpg
ORC dining room close up of Hudson Valley lighting sconce and spoonflower wallpaper.jpg
ORC dining room design by TheRathProject Homepop bench.jpg

And there’s that eyeball pillow I was talking about earlier-it’s so fun on that Home Pop window pane patterned storage bench (which will inevitably hold extra table linens).

sm ORC dining room bench and sconces design by TheRathProject.jpg

From this angle, you can see how important it was to create a sense of unison between the dining room and the sunroom! All the colors and patterns needed to play nicely together so the first thing I focused on was bringing the blue from the ceiling as far as I could take it into the other room. That lead me to a custom fabricated cornice wrapped in Water Reflections fabric by Fabricut. It draws the eye over to the windows, making our house seem so much bigger than it actually is! I also added two media consoles from the Opal house line by Target to accentuate the width of the room. Keeping the wood tones in the same family make it so that this extra long piece blends into the foundation instead of creating a visual disruption. And then of course I added loads of color and pattern in the softer furniture, textiles and accessories.

sm ORC built in sunroom through window TheRathProject.jpg

The pair of tufted ottomans, another Home Pop find, exceeded all of my expectations! They are soft, perfectly large, and holy cow the colors are incredible! They are also super versatile- we’ve already moved them all around the room depending on what we are doing in there. (By the way, these are another very affordable option for those of you looking to furnish a space without breaking the bank- pretty, functional and budget friendly is the key to this momma’s heart!)

TheRathProject sunroom design with custom 30ft cornice
ORC sunroom Hudson Valley lighting lamp TheRathProject design.jpg

Here’s another view of those sexy black table lamps from HVL! And let’s not forget yet another functional accessory- the stacking faux bois boxes from Chairish, helping to create that layered look while also hiding small toys that are bound to end up in here. Oh, and yes, I have framed family photos in here! Don’t let anyone tell you to put these away unless you are selling your home and need to depersonalize. This is OUR home and I want to be surrounded by things that WE love- and obviously that’s family!!!


You may remember that last week, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the plaid chairs and modern green modular sofa from Raymour & Flanigan, and I have to say they do not disappoint! I also have to say that I think I may be in love with plaid- like, if plaid were a person, I would marry it! These chairs are not only comfortable enough to curl up in, but also tie into the blue of the cornice. And how freakin’ awesome is the balloon dog pillow from spoonflower? See how we are once again nodding to decor from other parts of the house, keeping things consistent? And we finished off this corner with a mirror top Home Pop table (there’s actually a pair in here) that reflects the light coming in from all the windows-cuz’ it keeps things light and bright.

ORC sunroom fireplace and plaid chair Raymour and Flanigan modern mid century design by TheRathProject.jpg

On the other side of the room sits the second plaid chair, topped with an accent pillow made of the same fabric of the linen napkins seen in the dining room. And I have to address my favorite piece of all: the mid century fireplace! She is not fully functioning (we will wait til spring to cut a hole in the roof and build a proper platform for her), but for now she’ll act like a work of art, because that’s exactly what she is! And to increase the ambiance, I wrapped a few logs with twinkle lights : )

ORC sunroom plaid club chair Raymour & Flanigan.jpg

Oh and there’s yet another piece of art from Minted - you can never have too much art if you ask me! Speaking of art, look at those 3D beetles below! What did I tell you, I love anything that’s a little bit weird and funky mixed into more serious decor.

ORC sunroom with bobby berk sofa looking into dining room with 3d art beetles design by TheRathProject.jpg
sm ORC bobby berk sofa in sun room designed by TheRathProject.jpg

Now we are onto the BIG workhorse of the room- the Bobby Berk sofa! We have already watched many a “Pete the Cat” on this bad boy, have spilled a few buttered noodles to be wiped up quite easily I have to say, and have fallen straight to sleep in the ridiculously good heft of its cushions (this was after a long night prepping things for the reveal obviously). Piled with loads of patterned pillows (blue leopard, pumpkin shagreen to match the wallpaper and green stripes), it has become our first stop to kick our feet up after a long day! But, let’s not leave out that stunner of a floor lamp next to it!

ORC spoonflower pillows in sunroom designed by TheRathProject.jpg

Speaking of lamps and lights in general, Niles and I worked with Legrand and their adorne collection to outfit the entire One Room Challenge space with upgraded usb outlets, soft tap dimmer switches and a paddle fan switch. The sleek modern plate covers work beautifully with the decor of our home. And not only do the magnesium colored outlets and switches make everything look like a million bucks, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run around the house like a madwoman trying to find the plug for an iPhone cord- well no more! We can stick that cord right into the usb portal in any of the outlets now! Woo Woo! To be honest, our house’s electrical is a little wonky so when we ran into an issue installing one of the dimmers, Legrand provided a customer support hotline to walk through the challenge that our home was dishing out!

TheRathProject ORC dining room through sunroom window with view of motel art.jpg

Since we’re in the sun room, practically looking through the opening into the dining room, I’m going to bring this full circle and head back to the dining room to admire and appreciate the rest of the details- my absolute, 1 million percent favorite being my two boys! (writing that brought a little tear to my eye- they make me SO damn happy)

sm ORC dining room from sunroom window designed by therathproject.jpg
sm ORC wide angle of orange built ins by TheRathProject .jpg
sm ORC built in right bar TheRathProject.jpg
sm ORC built in the left bar TheRathProject.jpg
ORC dining room by TheRathProject built in painted spicey orange.jpg
sm ORC Zar mom and baby at the dining room gumball machine by TheRathProject.jpg

I hope I also made YOU happy with the makeover! My greatest wish is that you walk away with this: have a lot of fun, be a little bold, be a bit brave, and never ever ever take decor too seriously!

All my love,


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