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One Room Challenge Week 2: Fall 2019 The Foundational Fixtures

One Room Challenge Week 2: Fall 2019 The Foundational Fixtures

Thank you to Spoonflower.com, Hudson Valley Lighting & Couristan for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Welcome to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge! If week One is a blur and you need a refresh of the plans, click here.

I promise that most of this post is going to be about all the pretty things , but first, I must relieve some of the weight on my chest- and you’re all such great listeners so I’m going to unload just a bit…You know when you have a deadline and a just a few weeks left to complete a really big project, but nothing is really taking shape just yet, so a bit of panic starts to settle in? That’s exactly what I’m going through at the moment!

Even though I’m an interior designer with resources to all the trades, I still hit snags in makeovers and room transformations, especially when it comes to my personal projects. After all, I don’t want to pull anyone away from my jobs and my clients ( I also can’t pull myself away sometimes), hence the reason I love to repeat the old adage, “I’m like a shoemaker who has no shoes.” I’m kidding of course! I am beyond grateful for our beautiful home and being able to partner with awesome companies in events like the One Room Challenge, but still, I’ve never known a project to go off without a hitch. This last week the hitch was my painter- someone who I’ve worked with many times before and who I trust to do a great job and therefore recommend him often- well it turns out I recommend him too often because he suddenly became unavailable to do the work I hired him for in our dining room! If you hear a loud wailing sound, it’s just me.

So though I planned to have the built ins, ceiling and back wall painted, and the rest patched and prepped for wallpaper, I am no farther along than I was last week (there is good news though- I’ve secured one of my other guys last minute and he will begin the prep tomorrow). All this extra time has at least allowed me to empty the space of it’s contents-wait until you see my dirty little secret that I’ve been keeping from everyone behind our giant piece of art:

Dining room redesign and painting the rath project

That’s right- we ran out of paint the first time we painted the interior, but I had this genius idea to leave the bit that was going to sit behind the art the old wall color, because of course we’d get to it in just a few days. Well, let me tell you, that was 3 years ago-bahahahahahaha!

Now that that’s out of the way…

I also took the time to test out a bunch of colors for the built-ins:

dark sage paint glidden

Whatever color I choose, will also run up the ceiling and down the back wall (the wall that has the extra large cutout looking into our sunroom that you can see the reflection of in the mirror above) for a waterfall effect. I’m pretty set on those greens right now, my favorite being the middle green: dark sage by Glidden, but because I have extra time to think, there’s always a possibility that I’ll change my mind just before the job is completed!

Last week, I was almost certain that I was going with one of the orangey reds, but decided to use a contrasting color to break up the wallpaper. Wait until you see what paper I have chosen from our sponsor, Spoonflower, for the space:


The paper is called Petite Shagreen in pumpkin by Danika Herrick., and after receiving the samples, I chose the traditional paste paper in a pebbled finish because of the added texture- I love when a fabric or a paper can provide an extra bit of depth- it gives the space a more luxe feel. The color is also exactly what I was looking for- a spicy red that leans orange- a very fun yet also sophisticated feel! I have A LOT of other neat things on the way from Spoonflower, but this paper was the catalyst for the entire One Room Challenge design. I knew that I was looking for was something that had enough pattern to satiate my love of such, but wasn’t overwhelmingly busy (bye bye big prints) since I need it to work well with other interesting elements in the room- I wanted a foundation that had a “wow factor” but not something that took center stage all of the time- a pattern that will leave plenty of room for the other colors, fixtures, furniture and art to shine when they need to. After searching through the extensive inventory that Spoonflower offers (did you now that the patterns are created by individual artists who can upload their new designs directly to the site!? - as you can imagine, the options are endless!), I honed in on the shagreen paper for the reasons I mentioned above. The color is vibrant and saturated and Spoonflower is custom producing the batch now then shipping it out at top speed- and I cannot wait-it is going to look incredible up (my installer is set for the 21st)!!!


And with that wallpaper sample you can see a little snippet of a fabric that I may or may not use- but I’ll get to that next week…

In the last post I mentioned that I’ll most likely be painting the hardwoods white, and that’s still the plan- I actually love the way they turned out in our entry and our hallway! And on top of those white hardwoods will be the most comfortable, mid century inspired abstract plaid rug from another one of our sponsors, Couristan Rugs:

dining room rug.PNG

This perfectly plush piece, the Kenjar Terra Firma, allowed me to be bold without interfering with the color and pattern that will be on the walls and the ceiling. The dark brown/black and cream works as a great grounding element and will keep the white hardwoods from appearing too stark. And though Couristan had so many gorgeous rugs (and carpets that can be installed as wall to wall or cut down to size) to pick from, this caught my eye because it also plays nicely with the more colorful bold plaid in the living room ( I am always keeping in mind how one space flows into the next). I also appreciate the softness of it without it being overly shaggy because it is a dining room and food inevitably drops and chairs need to easily pull away from the table. And here’s a tip: I purposely ordered a larger size- which arrived surprisingly fast- just a few days after I placed the order- and decided to have my local carpet warehouse cut it down to a 9.25ft square and bind the edge to fit the 11 x 11 room exactly the way I wanted it. I’m patiently awaiting iits completion, set for next Tuesday-you know I’ll have to share it as soon as it’s in its proper home, so tune into Instagram stories!

Lastly, I want to focus on the light fixtures because holy crap are they INCREDIBLE!!! Hudson Valley Lighting provided every single fixture that you will see in both the sunroom and the dining room and I couldn’t be more excited about each one- I did a little happy dance when I opened all the boxes. And I’m being 100% genuine when I say that every one I unwrapped was better than the last! Let’s start with the brass Solaris sconces that I will grace either side of the opening into the sunroom:

solaris sconce dining room.PNG

Again, there’s a touch of the mid mod style that I’m so attracted to and that works so well with our 1950’s ranch. I can already picture the soft glow these will provide during dinner parties!

Over the new round dining room table, I chose a fixture with even more of that texture that I love love love- the Kokoro:

chandelier hvl.PNG

I mean, is that not one of the sexiest things you have ever seen!?

Keeping these styles and the black and brass in mind, I decided on the Marshall floor lamp and a pair of the Locust Grove table lamps for the dining room. Both feel classic and timeless yet completely modern at once, and they have a weight to them that makes me feel good about keeping them in a house with kids- I’m not worried that a flung toy will knock these guys over- and that is always a plus in my book! The black finish on the Locust Grove lamp is so very yummy- I couldn’t help but display it on an unfinished console in an unfinished room-lol!

floor lamp.PNG
table lamp.PNG
black table lamp on cane console the rath project

Alright guys, that’s it for this week, I have to get back to listing all of our old furniture and accessories on Facebook- a very efficient and effective way to purge (it’s been so successful actually, that maybe I’ll write a blog post on that sometime?). Next week I’ll reveal all of the fabrics I chose for the drapery, cushions and pillows, as well as table linens and bar accessories. By that point, I hope to have at least the painting and the electrical completed so I’ll give you a preview of that and if we keep our fingers crossed, maybe, just maybe we will have installed the midcentury fireplace in the sunroom- woohoo!!

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Love & Creativity,


Thank you to all of our One Room Challenge Partners. All opinions are our own. And thank YOU for supporting the brands that allow me to create unique content for you!

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