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One Room Challenge Week 4: Fall 2019-Giving it up to the Trades!

One Room Challenge Week 4: Fall 2019-Giving it up to the Trades!

This past week has been all about keeping things on track. As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’m fortunate (or crazy) enough to have participated in the One Room Challenge as many times as there are days in week-I’m a true vet of this relay race! And with that experience comes an understanding of just how much to take on and what is really feasible to produce the best product in 6 weeks time. This challenge can encourage some of us to start the demo and the beginning construction phases early in order to complete a room in the 6 weeks that we journal about it in our blogs, but I’m all about staying true to the original concept of changing just how much we can accomplish in that set period of time. And for some of us, that’s a whole lot! But, for my family’s current situation, it’s not a full kitchen remodel or a bathroom gutted to the studs, re-plumbed and built back up. It IS however, a pretty awesome makeover of a dining room and sunroom which involves getting some trades involved on top of the work that my husband and I are putting in ourselves (full disclosure that as compared to the last 6 rounds of the ORC, it is a lot less of the diy’ing taking place). And it’s those tradesmen and women who are on MY tight schedule and unfortunately get to hear my anxious voice remind them of the time constrictions almost daily (they’re used to it because they have the pleasure of working with me and hearing my nagging all the time on client projects lol-I’m aware of how intensely annoying I can be sometimes!). So, what I’m trying to say is even though our makeover may be not be the equivalent of building a mid century Connecticut Taj Mahal, without these rockstars, there’s no way we would have accomplished all that we have so far and all that we will have done once we reach the end.

therathproject dining room blue ceiling

Now I’m sure that most people would stop at a blue painted ceiling and spicy red/orange built ins, but I’m not most people, I really wanted to take things a step further a wrap the room in a fun bright paper. After the first piece of the pumpkin shagreen by Spoonflower went up, I was hooked- it totally envelopes you like a warm hug that you’re super cool bestie would give! Check out the job that my wallpaper hanger has done in order of completion:

therathproject wallpaper installation
therathproject wallpaper hanging around framed cut out
therathproject pumpkin red shagreen wallpaper
therathproject wallpaper and red painted built ins

And I’m proud to say that we have also tackled a few things ourselves this week in the way of changing out the electrical outlets to newer LeGrande Adorne USB versions & swapping out our old chandelier (it went to a good home- my friend Carli Alves) with the most beautiful light I’ve ever seen- the Kokoro by Troy from Hudson Valley Lighting. In addition, the rug was laid after the cutting and re-binding was completed this week (shout out to Steve at Carpet King Fairfield for taking care of that!) and the Lamps Plus chairs were assembled and set around the 60inch round table (I decided on Sarinnen executive chair “replicas” because some of us don’t have it in the budget for 6 originals- I’m pointing sharply at my face over here). And can I just take a moment to share how big of an improvement the round table is in this space- our dining room is almost a perfect square and a table of this size and shape makes the room feel larger while also providing so much more tabletop space- we can easily get 8 chairs comfortably around it too!

therathproject light fixture

Plans for this week include mostly improvements to the sunroom since this has been somewhat neglected while the dining room was taking shape. I have a fun art installation in the works for the room, one which will involve the help of my son, Zar! We will finally buff out, restain and wax some a scratched areas in the pine paneling, switch out the outlets and dimmers to match the dining room and hope and pray that our custom cornices and drapery are ready to be hung this weekend (my upholsterer is my wild card, as is the delivery of the furniture since it’s all special order with a longer lead time- all very nail biting!). I am excited to be getting close to the finish line-here’s hoping that these last couple of weeks breeze by as smoothly as the first 3 have!

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