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One Room Challenge Week 3: Fall 2019 Getting into the details

One Room Challenge Week 3: Fall 2019 Getting into the details

Thank you to Minted.com, Fabricut & Jill Rosenwald for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Week 3 is an exciting one for us over at the Rath residence! Not only are things starting to really take shape with the One Room Challenge (thank you again to our host Linda and our media partner Better Homes and Gardens Magazine), but it’s also my birthday!! The big ol’ 36 for this gal… And to accompany all the changes that are underway in our home, I decided to make another change to myself and chopped off my hair! It just felt right- change of season, change of family dynamic (remember that I birthed and infant just a few short months ago lol), room transformations, business modifications, birthday, then WHAM physical makeover- does this ever happen to you? The seasonal shift? Expect a new profile picture at some point…but I digress, I know you’re all here for the ROOM update.

And here’s what’s going on in the dining room and sunroom:

dining room cabinet shelves painted the rath projectJPG
dining room cabinet shelves the rath project.JPG

I finally decide on the paint color for the built ins! These images depict how they appear with one coat of Kalahari Sunset by Behr in different lights- as you can see the color shifts from a deep orange to a spicy red- just how I like it- dynamic! I know this shade may not be for everyone, but I have the best feeling about it paired with the pumpkin spice wallpaper and the blue on the ceiling. Now, I just have to hope that our painter, Pablo, sticks to his timeline and finishes up before our Saturday wallpaper install!

dining room cabinetry progress.JPG

If you’ve been watching my Instagram stories, you’ll know that it’s felt like Christmas over here with daily deliveries of all sorts of goodies from our sponsors! (It also feels a bit like a recycling facility with the amount of cardboard that’s stacking up!)

Recently, I’ve acquired the most gorgeous fabric from Fabricut! This beauty, called Water reflections is a durable blend that’s great for dirty kid fingers, cuz you know we have a couple sets of those running across all the surfaces all the time! After deciding on this print for it’s fluid abstract feel and creamy saturated tones of blue, I ordered it up, and no joke, Fabricut delivered it to my front door in 2 days! That speed couldn’t have been planned better because my upholsterer needed it in time to manufacture custom fabric wrapped cornices (wait til you see these- I’m already freaking out just imagining them!!!) and drapery panels, and though he produces beautiful work, he’s not the fastest dude in the biz. I picture that once the panels are hung in the sunroom, the pattern will compliment the shapes found in the natural wood grain and bring in the pop of color that we need- can’t you already envision how these dreamy blue tones will look against the green grass and trees in the summer and spring and the white blanket of snow in the winter months-ahhh it’s going to be soooo good!I

water reflections Fabricut fabric.PNG
orc 6.JPG

Amongst those many packages were some other pieces that set the tone for the entire space: the art from Minted. At the same time that I was choosing the “foundational pieces,” I was also focusing on the art for its colors and the vibe that it would help me achieve. The last thing I want to create is a space that feels too precious and overly serious- this is a house of absolute chaos most days and poop talk is at the top of our discussion list, so I don’t want our home to disguise who we are, but rather embrace it. And one way that I like to do that is through art. Minted has such an extensive array of options by incredibly talented artists, that it was easy for me to find unique pieces that reflected what I was going for. Because some of the elements give off a more classic vibe- the shagreen wallpaper and reddish built-ins in the dining room and pine panels in the sunrooom, I wanted to juxtapose that with less serious subjects on the walls. And what could be more tongue in cheek than fast food joints and tacky motels of America! A proper dining room with all the accoutrements necessary for a formal dinner paired with hanging reminders of who we really are couldn’t be anymore perfect in my opinion! I’m so thankful to Minted for providing a platform where photographic snapshots are offered as art that can be turned into both canvases and framed prints since I am using both of these options in my design. The Holiday Motel with it’s bright saturated shades of reds, blues, pinks and yellows is printed beautifully on museum wrapped canvas in an extra large size (30x 40) and will hang center stage on one of the walls in the dining room, while the Tastee Treat and Motel Pool will join my vintage Burger King photo opposite the table. I also found a whimsical balloon print to brighten up the wood walls in the sunroom!

mnited holiday motel art.PNG
minted tastee treat art.PNG
minted motel art.PNG
ORC art lamp and side table sunroom progress the rathproject

And since we are on the topic of bringing together the details, I want to highlight some fun pieces that Home Pop furniture sent over. The mirrored geometric side tables (I have a pair, but only one is pictured) are heavier and sturdier than those sleek lines would lead you to believe! I originally chose these because I love a good riff on geometric shapes and I knew that the open base would allow for the eyes to move freely - perfect since some of the other furniture can appear “weighty.” At the time, I didn’t realize that the top was a mirror, so you can imagine my excitement when I opened the packaging to discover a reflective surface that would bounce the natural light around the room- even more necessary when you fill your space with plants like I do! The colorful tufted ottomans that you are getting a sneak peek of are also from Home Pop and will not only be a perfectly soft surface for the kids to bump into when playing tag (I’d be silly if I didn’t plan for that), but twill provide a spot for us to put our feet up and stick a tray for drinks and display. I also adore them for the pattern that pulls in so many other colors found in the rest of the space- they are the grounding piece that will make every other accent feel like it fits.

minted art and homepop side table one room challenge the rath project sunroom
home pop tufted ottoman in one room challenge sunroom progress by therath project

Lastly, I have to talk a bit about the smallest details of all- the accessories and decorative accents that I’ve thoughtfully chosen for both rooms. Let’s face it, without interesting objects to add texture and a sense of layering, the space will feel incomplete. And sometimes, it’s those small accents that can be the hardest to find. Luckily, I was able to work with the talented ceramicist, Jill Rosenwald, from this makeover’s conception. I sent her my design boards, gave her an explanation of the aesthetic and vibe that I was trying to achieve and offered her some ideas of my favorite colors and patterns. From these conversations, she sent over choices of bowls in different shapes and sizes and together we designed the most beautiful custom piece that can live in either room (in fact, it’s so fitting to our overall aesthetic that it could live anywhere in the house)! The raffia patterned mimi bowl in moss green will eventually hold a flowering plant or maybe some lemons or oranges, but until the finale of the ORC, it’s packed safely away- not before I had a chance to test it out on the shelves though!

image credit: Jill Rosenwald inastagram

image credit: Jill Rosenwald inastagram

ORC jill rosenwald bowl in dining room.JPG

Next week is going to be a fun one to see since so much is finally starting to come together- expect the shelving to be done, the wallpaper to be up, the hardwoods to be painted white and the new lighting to be mostly in. If I’m really fortunate, maybe, just maybe, as a birthday miracle, my husband will have helped me bring in the mid century fireplace and Ernesto will have completed the drapery! Until then, I want to leave you with some fun things that I found on Chairish to style the rooms!

orc chairish finds.jpg

Have a blast checking out the pages of the other designers-they are blowing my mind with the amount of work they’re taking on and the complexity of the diys they’re tackling- these guys are completely putting my makeover to shame- go get inspired!!

Love and creativity,


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