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One Room Challenge Week 1: Fall 2019 Room Reveal & Plans

One Room Challenge Week 1: Fall 2019 Room Reveal & Plans

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I've announced 2 big things recently: 1. We had our second baby boy this summer (he's now 10 weeks old!) 2. We are participating as a featured designer in a new round of the One Room Challenge with 19 other amazingly talented creatives!!! I have participated as a guest in at least 6 other rounds, and I am more than ecstatic to have been invited into the "cool kids club." ; )

Here's a little background on the One Room Challenge, now in its 16th season...The ORC is a 6 week makeover event where bloggers and designers completely transform a room (or more) in partnership with top-tier brands. It encourages us to get funky and pull out all the stops, which, in the end, means you guys get to see some major eye candy and design inspo! Each designer posts their process on their respective blogs and social media (we will all link the brands that we use too, so if you see something awesome and want it for yourself, you'll be able to follow those links right to the product). Did I mention that Better Homes & Gardens is the official media sponsor- so you know that every reveal is going to be magazine worthy! Get ready to be surprised, fall in love and feel all the feels for home decor again!

Okay, so earlier, when I announced that we have a 10 week old, did you find yourself saying aloud: "she's crazy to take on a remodel with an infant!" ? Because if you did, you're absolutely right, I am crazy! But, if I'm being honest, I typically birth my best work when I'm under extreme pressure (and nope, I cannot promise that that will be the last baby pun. You can't exactly fault me for it- I'm in the throws of all things dirty diaper and spit up over here!) But do I think this will be challenging? Yup! It isn't named a "challenge" for nothin' lol!

AND to make things even trickier for us, I decided that we'd take on BOTH the dining room and the sunroom! Now there's good reason for this, which will be evident in a few of the photos I've snapped of the before: there's a large case opening ( once an exterior window prior to the sunroom addition built by the previous owner) that provides a view from the sunroom to the dining room and visa versa. If we stuck to only one space, the other would feel less finished and we'd lose the cohesion that I like homes to have.

Here's the current state of affairs (not at all bad, but due for some fun changes)…

mid century inspired wood paneled sunroom by the rath project
mid century inspired sunroom with giant fiddle leaf fig by the rath project
sunroom with window opening the rath project
opening from wood sunroom to dining room with built ins the rath project
dining room with mirrored built ins and modern light fixture by the rath project
mirrored built in dining room by the rath project
up close of dining room built in the rath project
eclectic mix dining room vignette by the rath project
modern traditional dining room by the rath project

That last shot was taken a few weeks back, when the gladiolus were still in full bloom, but I wanted to show you the transition from our formal living room to the dining room because we’ll need to keep those colors in mind when designing the new spaces.

I've been DYING to paint the dining room built-ins since the day we moved in and this is my opportunity to finally do so! I haven't decided on the color just yet (did you just call me crazy again!?), but I LOVE all three of these ideas

Image sources from left to right: the décor pad; rue magazine; the décor pad

Below are the concept boards I've created for both rooms. In the end, the goal is to create a similar layout and overall feel to what you see here, but some of the details may be different. All in all, I want to give our family colorful, comfortable and more functional spaces to gather- I may even add an extra, but small, tv in the sunroom so we don't have to fight over who gets to watch Paw Patrol or the dvr’d Real Housewives of NYC. I’d prefer a more spacious and exciting dining experience for us and our guests since we tend to host dinners often. And I’m also hoping to generate a better flow in both rooms by making smarter furniture choices via the size, shape and functionality of each piece.

This is what I'm going for...

modern sunroom concept boards the rath project
modern mid century inspired dining room concept by the rath project

In order to Transform the Spaces into the best versions of themselves we’ll need to:

Dining Room

  • Patch the walls where the old chair rail was removed (that’s right, we’ve been ignoring that for 3 years lol)

  • Prime for wallpaper installation

  • Remove all old electrical outlets and switches

  • Add 2 new electrical boxes in wall to prepare for hardwired sconces

  • Remove all glassware, dishes and decorative objects from the built ins

  • Remove chandelier (we hit it all the time and it never sits straight because of it)

  • Prep and paint built-ins a bold high gloss color

  • Paint ceiling a complimentary color or same color as the built-ins

  • Possibly paint or restain hardwoods

  • Hang patterned wallpaper

  • Add ceiling medallion and new ceiling fixture

  • Bring new area rug to carpet manufacturer to cut down to fit size of room

  • Install sconces

  • Add new outlets and switches

  • Create bar area in built-in

  • Decide on art and hang

  • Decide on table linens

  • Find and pot 2 new indoor trees

  • Restyle shelves with newly found accessories and favorite “old” pieces

  • Add furniture


  • Remove all furniture

  • Professionally clean carpet

  • Manufacture drapery panels and fabric cornices

  • Remove old outlets and light switches

  • Take down shelving from bar area

  • Wax wood walls (sand scratched areas and restain where needed- those darn dogs!)

  • Replace doorknobs with those that match the rest of our home- matte black!

  • Install new outlets and switches

  • Hang art and mirrors

  • Hang custom window treatments

  • Recover daybed with newly upholstered fabric cushion or find a new sofa altogether

  • Repot large plants

  • Add in new furniture and lighting

  • Style with decor, linens, small plants

  • If time permits and depending on space limitations, build a tiled platform for mid century, freestanding enamel fireplace and install in room

I am currently accepting boxes on the daily from each of our sponsors, and as the ORC progresses I'll be sharing them on Instagram and the blog- so check in frequently to see what new design decisions have been made! And in the meantime, head over to the other featured designers' pages to see what spaces they'll be transforming!

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Love and Creativity,


Thank you to all of our One Room Challenge Partners. All opinions are our own. And thank YOU for supporting the brands that allow me to create unique content for you!

Couristan/ Fabricut/ Home Pop/ Hudson Valley Lighting/ Jill Rosenwald/ Lamps Plus/ LeGrand/ Minted/ Spoonflower

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