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Christmas in Connecticut: Winter Home Tour

Christmas in Connecticut: Winter Home Tour

winter eclectic home tour .png

Welcome to our Christmas in Connecticut home tour! If your new to the blog, don't expect your usual traditional, colonial CT vibe- we push boundaries when it comes to "CT style." Rather, get ready for a colorful, modern & eclectic home. This year, after having a "moment" during a regular outing sourcing products for clients, which happened to be in the midst of Christmas shopping chaos, I made up my mind that we weren't going to take part in the buying-for-the-holidays-madness, and instead would only use pieces that we already owned, which encouraged us to reimagine them in a fresh way. We are also committed to using greens from our backyard for almost every event that we host and Christmas is no different (this Thanksgiving, I made a simple fireplace garland with free backyard greens that everyone thought I had purchased from a very fancy local florist- I'll include a snapshot of it somewhere in this post). Now, because I want to be 100% honest with you, I'll admit that we did spend a total of $27 on 3 fresh wreaths from Trader Joes, but if that's the most that anyone spends on decor this season, double high fives to you!

Before I get into the pictures, let me just send out a Big Thank You to my friend, Jess from Domicile 37, who has put together this tour and has gathered a group of talented bloggers and designers to share their homes with all of you. Without her, our home may still be void of any holiday cheer, so thanks Jess for getting my butt in gear! (There’s a lil’ Christmas rhyme for your reading pleasure- lol!)

Alright, let’s get to it… our home for the holidays:

rath project eclectic christmas.JPG
rath project ceclectic hristmas 1.JPG

Now do you see what I mean when I say it’s not your typical Christmas décor!? And it’s just the way we like it- a little bit funky! Here is something that you’ll see in most homes- the tree:

rath project christmas .JPG
rath project eclectic colorful christmas tree .JPG

The bright bold color continues on the fireplace mantel. Last year, I used that same ornament garland on our dining table, but this holiday decided to let it drape over the left side of the fireplace. I added some evergreen clippings to beef it up and soften the overall feel.

rath project christmas mantel black fireplace 15.JPG
rath project eclectic christmas fireplace .JPG

And here’s the garland from Thanksgiving that I promised I’d share:

homemade fireplace garland by the rath project.JPG
rath project christmas 4.JPG

That last image gives you a peek into our office and family room- both of these spaces got a subtle touch of Christmas too, but before I take you in there, I’m going to swing you around to the other side of the living room so you can see what the wall opposite the fireplace looks like.

rath project christmas home tour.JPG
rath project christmas gallery wall.JPG

Adding a small wreath to one of the pictures was all that we needed to inject some holiday happiness. Now let’s swing back the other way, head through the office and stop in the family room. There’s already a lot of personality in here, so I only added more greens, a red wreath and 2 sparkle trees (requested by Zar).

rath project eclectic christmas.JPG
rath project christmas.JPG

The last stop on the tour is the office- you have to walk through it to get to the family room and the main living room, so it got a little love too with simple collections of ornaments and once again-fresh greens!

rath project eclectic christmas in the office.JPG
rath project christmas touches.JPG
rath project eclectic christmas touches in the office.JPG

And that’s how we did it- kept Christmas subtle in our not so subtle home : )

The next stop on the tour is Saher (click on her name to head to her blog). And don’t forget to head to all the other holiday homes for even more inspiration!

winter eclectic home tour .png

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I may be signing off until January to focus on what’s really important this season: family! So, if I don’t see you until then, have a very merry holiday and a happy New Year.



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