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Project Fairfield Flip

Project Fairfield Flip

Before I get into this post I’d first like to thank anybody who is still out there following along and who continues to check my blog- you guys are simply amazing and I have to apologize for my absence over the last couple of months. If you’ve been tuning into my Instagram, then you know why I’ve been missing - along with my usual design projects, my husband and I have decided to take on an investment property! We’ve dubbed it: Project Fairfield Flip. I tried my best to use that social media platform to update everyone on the day to day progression, but I figured it was about time I also did the same here!

This post will be dedicated to “the before,” the initial plans we had and exactly where we stand in the process today. Don’t expect any super pretty pictures since it is still a construction zone, but if I do say so myself, the transformation is already incredible!

Let’s take a look at what we started with- a 5 bedroom 2 bath 1950’s, expanded cape. And although the adorable home sits atop a small hill in a lovely family friendly neighborhood on a large corner lot, it hadn’t been updated in decades:

Fairfield Flip Before photos exterior

The exterior needs some serious landscaping, power washing, shutter painting, window box making...I could go on for a while. But, today I will focus on what we needed to do on the inside and save the outdoor updates for another post.

The interior needed the most dramatic changes: opening up, brightening up and a changing up! I mean, what family, who would need 5 bedrooms, would only need 2 bathrooms!? That seemed crazy to us so we decided to play with the floor plan a bit. And while we were at it, we brought in an architect and engineer to draw up plans for an open concept first floor. That required taking down two walls that separated the living room, dining room and kitchen.

What you are seeing in those photos above is the first floor living area and kitchen- very closed off, very small and pretty dark- typical for a home of the era. What you are about to see below is the transformation that it has undergone to create a more functional space for the modern family...


In order to make the most out of the new open concept, we decided to take out the small door that was in the former kitchen and frame it out for french doors into the sunroom. Not only did this let much more light in, it gave the space more "flow" and turned it into a home that felt more adapt to both entertaining and kids playing. And, to get a much larger and more functional kitchen into the home, we opted to flip flop the kitchen and dining room. 

in progress classic modern kitchen at project fairfield flip by the rath project
in progress classic modern kitchen at project fairfield flip by the rath project
IMG_0325.JPGin progress classic modern kitchen at project fairfield flip by the rath project

Since the sunroom was now more accessible, we needed to spiffy it up with some black herringbone wood look tiles (super excited that these will be installed this week!). We also knew we'd have to create an access point to the back deck (before you could only get to the deck by walking around the property or by going through a bedroom). We thought that another sliding door would do the trick and that was added right away.

IMG_7535.jpgin progress sunroom and floors at project fairfield flip by the rath project
in progress sunroom at project fairfield flip by the rath project


Next, we needed to create a true master suite and decided that the front bedroom on the first floor was just the spot for it. Between the new master bedroom and a back bedroom was a tiny third bedroom- it seemed almost pointless so we took the space that it provided, divided it down the middle and turned those two new spaces into a large walk-in closet and a master bathroom!

What you see above is the front bedroom in green and the middle bedroom in gray (with that funky border). What you will see below is the grey bedroom divided into a space for a walk in closet and a 3rd bathroom- the master bath (remember I said that we thought 2 baths for a 5 bedroom house was ridiculous? Well, we solved that by creating a 4 bedroom 3 bath home!)

in progress master suite at project fairfield flip by the rath project

And let's check out the progress of that master bath...

balck and white bands subway tile design in  shower by the rath project

The second bath on the first floor (which previously was the only bath on the first floor) got a major upgrade too! We tore it down to the studs and rebuilt it! I’m really loving the way that it’s turned out so far!

So, in putting this post together, I realize just how much has gone into the flip thus far, and am even starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the information and pictures!  Therefore, I've decided to split this up into 2 posts and will share the upstairs and basement in the very near future.

However, to entice you to come back next time, I will end with 3 more progress pictures that show the other 1st floor bedroom (one that will be a den/office/guest room), a newer view of the kitchen, and the current state of the living room fireplace:

in progress fireplace deign by the rath project
IMG_0486.jpgin progress den with blue ceiling and yellow light fixture by the rath project

I hope you return in a few days to check out the upstairs! Trust me, you won't want to miss what we did with the attic!

Love and Creativity, 


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