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ORC Spring 2018: The Details & The Decisions to Delay

ORC Spring 2018: The Details & The Decisions to Delay

Once this post goes live, there will be less than ONE week, that’s right-ONE WEEK- to finalize BOTH of the rooms that we’ve taken on for the One Room Challenge!

And over the course of the last few days we’ve managed to accomplish a lot, so I’m feeling pretty darn good about where we are in the process (and I better, it is my 3rd rodeo after all!)- check out the past makeovers here:

 ORC Spring 2017 / ORC Fall 2018

This last push was all about the details: we purchased and painted some beautiful crown moulding, acquired more modern grey outlets and light switches, found some gorgeous textiles, rolled out the coolest area rug I’ve ever seen, touched up the paint, found some cute modern box shelves for books and my son's favorite toys, decided on closet hardware and grabbed another pair of my favorite, bright white Ikea curtain panels to keep things fresh!

colorful throws for kids room makeover by the rath project
Kids room accessories design by the rath project
colorful rug and crown moulding for modern kids room makeover by the rath project

Oh, and remember that fabric canopy that I had created in the former guest room (so many of you expressed sadness to see it go)...

eclectic colorful sophisticated bedroom by the rath project

Well, you may be happy to know that the fabric will be back! This time, in the grown up fancy pants version of an upholstered headboard and bolster pillow complete with piping- I just dropped into the upholsterer today- to say I’m excited is an understatement!

greek key velvet fabric for headboard design in guest room makeover by the rath project

And since we are on the topic of finishing details, there was one part of the project that I wanted to touch on before next week’s reveal: the floors. In the finale pictures, you will see that the hardwoods are exactly as they were when we started, and there’s good reason for it. When we moved into this house just over a year and a half ago, the entirety of the home (excluding the kitchen) was covered in wall to wall white carpet! My husband and I painstakingly ripped up every inch of it and removed what feels like (and what may have actually been) millions of staples and nails. When we decided to tackle two more bedrooms, we thought long and hard about finally refinishing the hardwoods in those locations, but ultimately decided not to. The reason being is we really should do the whole house at once to ensure an even finish, and being that our current  budget isn’t big enough to make that happen, we will just have to sit tight and hold off until we've saved up enough loose change to do so.

If starting this blog was to offer me only one lesson, I’m glad that I learned what has come from the above story: it’s okay to wait for what you want- it’s so much more worth it in the end!

Sophisticated modern colorful mid century kids room by the rath project

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one room challenge logo

And please join me next week for the final reveal!! I promise you a feast for the eyes : )

As always- Love and Creativity,


One Room Challenge 2018 Bedroom Reveal!

One Room Challenge 2018 Bedroom Reveal!

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One Room Challenge Spring 2018: Kids Bedroom Week 4