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Amos House Apartment Reveal

Amos House Apartment Reveal

We have partnered with Raymour & Flanigan and received product for this project. We are grateful for their ongoing community support.

When my friend Carli asked if I'd like to participate in a project dedicated to her place of work, Amos House, I didn't even have to think about saying YES! This particular organization provides an incredible amount of support to the local communities. Not only do they have the largest soup kitchen in the state of Rhode Island, but over the years have expanded their mission to include job training, a community center, mother-child reunification programs and permanent housing. While working on this project I had the pleasure of meeting both those who serve the community and those who are relying on Amos House to get their lives back on track and create stable, healthy environments for their families. The love that I saw in each mother that I met was something that, as a mother myself, I couldn't look past. And through my own personal journey, I can relate- I know what it's like to make mistakes, to veer down the wrong path for a bit, to surround yourself with others who aren't the greatest influence, yet I was lucky. I was young, I was white (I hate to have to include that, but unfortunately it still makes a difference in today's world), and I had a support system in place (small yes, but I knew it was there for me to rely on). The women who were moving into the homes that we furnished and decorated, with the once again generous support of Raymour & Flanigan, were finally getting that support system through the guidance of Amos House; and the families were, maybe for the first time, stepping into a home that was filled with love. I'm sure I can speak for each of us who helped bring these spaces to life when I say that we poured all of our positivity, hope, joy, and warmth into the project and left each home brimming with possibilities for a future filled with happiness. The thankfulness and pride on the mothers’ faces coupled with the excitement of the children, brought me to tears (I really did tear up a bit as they walked through each apartment reveal). Furthermore, the affection that every woman and child showed the Amos House staff- who you can tell have become more like family- gives me a wonderful feeling about what’s to come for everyone.

I could go on forever about how organizations like Amos House lift up the community, but this is a design blog afterall, so let’s get to the before photos!

When my design partner on this project (and friend!), Charlotte of At Charlotte’s House, and I entered the apartment, everything was completely renovated- new floors, new drywall, paint, light fixtures, hardware, you name it! Upon our arrival, there was one test waiting to be completed by the building department- the lead test- and that’s why you may notice that in the after pictures, no curtains or art were hung.

Charlotte and I knew we had to stretch our budget since the living room was rather large and we were also trying to outfit the dining area with some furniture pieces too! The solution came in the form of a Raymour & Flanigan Clearance Center- here we were able to find one off pieces that had made their way out of the showrooms and into the massive warehouse, which were now listed at a fraction of their original cost (we also shopped the showroom for things we didn’t find at the clearance center).

amos house after

Because we couldn’t hang the art or mirrors just yet, we leaned most of it in different variations until it could be spread throughout the rooms. The black dresser seemed like the perfect solution to hide “kid clutter,” since we knew there would be 2 little ones calling this apartment home.

The rug was the starting point that lead to all the other color and décor choices. Since we hadn’t met this family before install, we wanted to give them pattern and personality without going overboard, and thought that keeping it on the classic/traditional side would be the best bet. Charlotte and I also personally know what it’s like to decorate with kids in mind, and therefore we chose multifunctional, soft, and easy to clean pieces. We picked the sofa and loveseat set for its durability and comfort- and with a few new pillows and throws, customized it for a modern yet multi generational family. All of the pillows have zip off covers for a quick wash, the ottoman allows for climbing and play with no tears (and will be scotch- guarded to prevent stains) and the side tables have shelves to stash games, books and toys. The floor lamp is light and easy to move wherever stories are being read or a stage spotlight needs to be set (remember I have a 3.5 year old who like to “entertain” guests and family too)!

amos house 7.JPG

There was a small nook on one side of the living room that felt like the perfect kid corner! With the addition of a beautiful coffee table and some small chairs, the little ones have a place to create while the adults kick back at the end of the day.

amos house 13.JPG
amos house 14.JPG

And let’s not forget the dining room! The extendable table is a great solution for larger family dinners, and who doesn’t like a classic black and white color combo!? Earlier I mentioned that we weren’t able to hang the art, so I photoshopped the Meadow picture from Raymour into this space so you could see what it will look like if they decided to use it in this room- I rather like it here!

amos house 6.JPG

And here’s the crew! From left to right: Carli, Me, Lisa, Charlotte, Emily and Michelle (Go check out all of the blogs to see the rest of the reveals- I’ve linked each of their names directly to their blog so just click above.) I always have a blast working on projects like this with these ladies- thank you for making my days brighter guys : )

If you’re thinking about ways you can give back to your community, contact Amos House, Carli or send me a message- we’ll help get you started!

Love and Creativity,


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