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Enlivening the Entryway (and the spillover effect): One Room Challenge Fall 2018 V.1

Enlivening the Entryway (and the spillover effect): One Room Challenge Fall 2018 V.1

It’s that time again! How many other interior blogs have you read that have started with that same phrase this week? Well, there’s a good reason for it- it’s One Room Challenge season people!!!! And the ORC means 6 weeks of utter chaos for most of us who are participating. The reward is huge though- a completely refinished space in a record amount of time for you and your family to enjoy- that’s what keeps all of us coming back for more! This is my 4th season- we have remodeled a kitchen, we have redone our family room and play room, and we have flip flopped our guest bed with our 3 year old son’s room. All of these makeovers have been life transforming, but this time around I’ve decided to tackle what I consider one of the most important parts of any home since it’s the first thing that everyone sees and sets the tone for what’s to come…We are making over our entry-Woot-Woot! And because there’s always what I call the “spill over effect,” we will also be turning our attention to the hallway, the powder room and the living room. Do I hear gasping? I know we may seem completely out of our minds, but I’ve decided to keep it somewhat in check by focusing on small things with big impact- paint, wallpaper, some moulding and a few thrifted furniture pieces (console, mirror, maybe a bench, etc). For this round, I want to get back to my roots, so I’ve decided against sponsors (who cover a huge chunk of the budget) and instead will be illustrating how YOU can get a high style look for less. Our goal is to keep everything under $1000! That’s an entry, long hallway, powder room and living room for under a grand- whew-I’m sweating as I type this.

Okay, let’s get into what you’re really here to see: the before pics and the plans…

All of the snapshots below are the spaces in their current state:

entry before .jpg
hallway before.jpg

The first thing we’d like to tackle are those floors, which we uncovered 2 years ago, after ripping up all of the cream carpet that ran throughout the ENTIRE house!!! They are in desperate need of refinishing, but since my husband and I both like bold colors in our rugs and funky modern art on our walls, we are considering going really really light, and are even leaning towards painting them white! I think it will look awesome with the black trim and moulding that we plan to continue through these spaces. Picture something like this (but white floors!):

black trim light floors.jpg

Another task on the agenda is to paint the front door a tomato red. When we decided to add a pop of color last spring, yellow and orangey-red were our top choices. We clearly went for the yellow (and LOVE it), but we want to change it up again, so tomato red was the obvious choice for this makeover.

*Our home is a place where Niles and I like to experiment with ideas- it’s always evolving. And we feel as though it should represent the people living in it- what better way to settle the brain of two creative individuals than to allow us the opportunity to constantly bring our ideas to life.

In addition to painting the trim, floors and front door, we will be giving all the walls a fresh coat of Rodeo by Benjamin Moore. We have used this particular paint many times, and I am constantly recommending it to clients- it’s a really beautiful warm gray. But because this section of our home can be pretty dark, we’ll only be using half the concentration of grey- essentially diluting it with white paint.

rodeo benjamin moore.jpg

Now onto my favorite part… the wallpaper! If you’re new to the blog, I should explain that I have an obsession with it- And the bolder, the better! These are the patterns that we were considering, but there is one that has grabbed both of us, so the order is in. Which one do you think we chose??

Well, I’ll leave you on that note- wondering where we are going with the wallpaper that could either make or break this entry- I know, it’s nail biter of a blog- lol.

Tune in next week to see our choice and to go over the fireplace plans- I wasn’t kidding about that "spillover effect!”

And best of luck to all my One Room Challenge cohorts! If you're looking for more inspiration head over to the site to peruse all the participants pages by clicking HERE.

Love and Creativity,


Enlivening the Entryway: One Room Challenge Fall 2018 V.2/V.3

Enlivening the Entryway: One Room Challenge Fall 2018 V.2/V.3

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