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Enlivening the Entryway: One Room Challenge Fall 2018 V.2/V.3

Enlivening the Entryway: One Room Challenge Fall 2018 V.2/V.3

My apologies for the lack of a blog post highlighting the changes that we made during week 2, but there’s good reason for it…we didn’t really make any changes! I did however source a few items while we were away on a family trip to North Carolina, including some decorative accessories found at consignment/multi-dealer shop in Charlotte (Slate Interiors). And while we were there, I also stalked our local Facebook marketplace and came across a perfectly sized mantel for the living room (remember I said that this entryway makeover was probably going to spill over into other areas!).  And as soon as we returned, I got right to measuring and checking that the mantel style would match and when I was happy that it would work, I subsequently painted the entire surround black!

green fireplace with chalk outline mantel drawing
One Room challenge found 2nd hand mantel the rath project
One Room challenge painting the fireplace black by the rath project

Now, I’d be lying if I told you that I was immediately convinced that this was going to look good- in fact I was a tad anxious after I stepped back and saw the black fireplace in all its glory, but as soon as we brought that mantel in and had a good look at the contrasting colors, it all made sense (I should know by now that my instincts wouldn’t let me down).

One Room challenge painted black fireplace in progress by the rath project

Over the course of the next 2 weeks, I plan to paint the rest of the living room, entry and hall the Rodeo grey that we love (finally saying sayonara to the cool blue-gray walls that we never did like). When finished, I will most likely use the same Rodeo on the “new” mantel to tie everything together while still maintaining a contrasting look.

One Room challenge colorful bold living room in progress by the rath project

Have you ever noticed that when you start a project, a gazillion little things suddenly come to the forefront that you didn’t even realize you wanted to do, but must have had floating around your subconscious because the detail in which you want to do these things is SERIOUS!? I ask because maybe that’s how I’ve been feeling about the drapery, floors and lighting in THE LIVING ROOM (again, this is NOT the room that we are focusing on for the challenge!) But, while I’m on the topic, I might as well show you what I have in mind for drapery fabrics- lol:

Before I leave you pondering whether or not the entry will ever be touched, I should get back to the original makeover space. Though we are still contemplating painting the wood floors white (this will most likely be a game time decision), we have decided on and ordered the wallpaper!!! And we have also received the most fantastic paintings from a local artist, Katy Garry (Katy Garry Fine Art)- I’m really looking forward to getting these guys framed! Last thing to note is that I found the most perfect wood mirror at our Habitat Restore for a crisp $20, but the console table is TBD.

One Room challenge vintage finds for the entry  the rath project

Luckily, our current console is the narrow depth that we need and its simple, clean lines mean that we could make some tweaks by adding a salvaged marble slab (that just happens to be hanging out in our garage since we’re semi-hoarders…kidding?) and it could still be lovely. The picture below is a rough idea of what we’re going for  ; )

One Room challenge colorful bold patterned design board by the rath project

While you’re taking some time out of your day to get your home décor fix, stop over to the blogs of the other ORC participants to see what they’ve been up to (probably a lot more than us- though I promise we are going to be on the ball this week!!) Alright guys, here comes your weekly reminder to check back in next Thursday to see what we’ve accomplished in 7 days time!

Love and Creativity,



Enlivening the Entryway: One Room Challenge Reveal!

Enlivening the Entryway: One Room Challenge Reveal!

Enlivening the Entryway (and the spillover effect): One Room Challenge Fall 2018 V.1

Enlivening the Entryway (and the spillover effect): One Room Challenge Fall 2018 V.1