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ORC: Family Room Wk 3- Paint Gate And Other Important Details...

ORC: Family Room Wk 3- Paint Gate And Other Important Details...

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Welcome to the One Room Challenge halfway point! I wish that I could say more physical work was completed in the family room this week, but the fact is that life got in the way of the remodel (can you believe it- life? insert eye roll here). But, that's not to say that we did nothing! First, some of the old furniture was moved into the garage- and honestly, I think some major garage organization is the next project we'll be tackling. I also removed everything from the walls and prepped for paint.

Family Room Remodel Paint Colors and Wood  Pendants The Rath Project

I began by painting the door that leads into our breezeway a high gloss black, because who doesn't love a glossy black door!? I even started to paint some of the walls the Rodeo Gray by Benjamin Moore that we fell hard for, until suddenly....things came to a screeching halt!

Glossy black door paint and repainting of family room walls The Rath Project

I had completely forgotten that my husband (who has been working ridiculous hours) was supposed to patch and paint the vaulted ceilings, but had yet to do so (insert second eye roll here). Now, if you have ever painted a ceiling before you will understand why I didn't just keep working on the walls, but for anyone who hasn't, I can explain it in one word: splatter! There was no way I was going to keep coating all 4 walls in grey just so that it could look like a Jackson Pollock original by the time the room was finished. Therefore, my focus turned to some of the other details that as a designer, I never stop thinking about- fabric for the pillows and window treatments. I've rounded up my favorites and need to hop on the order train ASAP!

textured patterned colorful pillow choices The Rath Project
paterned black and grey fabric shade choices the rath project.jpeg

And here's a quick reminder of the new furniture you'll see in the space...

modern mid century pattern family room mood board.jpg

I'd love to hear what you think about my choices, and if you have any remodeling setbacks please please share so that we can commiserate-lol. And don't forget to check out all of the other participants of the One Room Challenge by clicking HERE!

As always- love and creativity, 


Raymour & Flanigan furniture source list (click product for direct link) : Soto 5 piece Sectional; Artemis chenille patterned armchairs; Pryce dining table.

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