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Best of 2016

Best of 2016

I must give credit when credit is due- and for this post, I'll admit, I was totally inspired by many a social media maven who shared their "Best 9 of 2016." When I saw how beautiful their curated pictures were, I had to know how the arrangements were designed. And to my surprise, it was as simple as heading to a website: 2016bestnine.com  All I had to do was input my Instagram name (TheRathProject), wait a few minutes, and voila! my top -liked photos of 2016 appeared in a perfect compilation. I was intrigued by the common thread of color, pattern and texture found throughout my designs and thought I'd highlight how and why each picture came about. So, without further hesitation I present, The Rath Project's Best of 2016:

This first picture was taken in our Manhattan apartment- a one bedroom in an Upper East Side pre-war building. So let's just say, space was tight. Our dining nook was essentially in the living room which meant that it needed to be functional and comfortable, while seamlessly blending with the decor of that area. I chose to layer 2 Bokhara rugs, add plants and display a mix of chairs to create a collected feel. The glass front bookcases added warmth while also providing much needed storage!


I took this next photo just after we gave our current living room a fresh coat of gray paint. I could not wait to hang the enormous geometric sculpture that I had found in the clearance section of Crate an Barrel. The white console table was added around the same time, and it helps keep things modern and clean.


Our dining room is, as Jonathan Adler would say, "happy chic!" I love watching peoples' reactions when I tell them that our elephant art is a trash treasure (I literally picked it off of a 73rd street curb on garbage day)! ☺ After adding the green lines to give the painting dimension, laying the striped rug (once at home in the living room) and changing out the Italian glass chandelier to a streamlined triangular piece, we now have a room where guests linger long after dinner.

Our playroom is another spot in our home that needs to be both fun and functional. Bright colors, patterns, and plenty of cozy pillows and blankets keeps things kid friendly. It also makes for a place where everyone wants to snuggle U perfect for movie nights! One thing you can't see in this picture is all the built-in storage on the other side of the room, a must for hiding the ridiculous amount of toys we have. The wood pendants from West Elm complete the look.


These velvet parsons stools. are another treasure discovered curbside in Manhattan! My husband and I had the good fortune of living close to some pretty nice apartment buildings where people had no problem throwing beautiful things away (sad for the discarded pieces, but excellent for me- a shameless furniture "rescuer" ). Initially, I paired them with this bright embroidered pillow because I couldn't wait to show my find to the Instagram community. And since this picture was taken, I have moved them around almost everywhere (they're so versatile), untiI they found a very suitable position under our living room console table. And we actually use them quite a lot for extra seating. 

The photo below is another shot of the living room wall that leads into our dining room. The only change from the previous, similar photo is the addition of the gold lamp that I found years ago at aHome Goods store. It has seen many different apartments and has always blended well with my ever-changing decor. It confirms the idea that when you collect pieces that really speak to you, they will become your "classics" that will forever have a place in your home.

This next shot is of the faux headboard in our guest room. Even though I always have numerous pillows fluffed at the top of our beds, this one looked dismally bare with out a head board. And lacking the funds necessary to make that purchase, I had to think outside of the box. I decided to use this gorgeous indigo mud cloth (hung directly on the wall with 3 nails) and the results were dramatic-so much so, that our search for anything else has ceased!

I've said it before, and it will say it again (because it's absolutely true)- the sunroom is our favorite place in the entire house! Not many changes were made in here, but we did replace the white carpet with a stain resistant gray (if you have kids or pets, you have to look into this product!) and changed out the old brown fan with a more contemporary black option. Most of the furniture in here was once in our upstate NY lake house.  We think it blends perfectly with the pine surround and the view of the outdoors. And every moment that we spend in this room we are reminded of the other home that we loved so much!

Our entryway is forever changing, but this may be one of the coolest looks it has had. The boho basket holds about a hundred pairs of shoes on any given day-lol!  And we treat the wall above the console table (which has since been replaced with a dresser that stores winter hats and gloves) as a rotating gallery wall to exhibit new goodies. One thing that hasn't altered is the joy we experience when we walk through our front door ☺ 

Well, there you have it-the best of 2016 for the home of The Rath Project. I expect next year's compilation to feature homes of others as I take on more projects and highlight them on Social Media. Until January 2017 rolls around, and another "Best of" blog is posted, follow me on Instagram to see my latest work. Cheers to a fantastic year ahead!

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