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Eclectic Guest Retreat

Eclectic Guest Retreat

Eclecticism. That's my thing. Maximalist. I've been called that. And here I go again, mixing up all sorts of patterns, textures and design styles (this time in our guest bedroom) to take things from "this will do" to "I never want to leave this place." 

Guest rooms are often last on our lists of where to focus our time and energy when we decorate, and for a while this was the case in our home as well. Given the amount of other work going on, the guest room seemed like the one place that was obvious we'd just skip over. Until I had an "ah-hah" moment and realized that after moving to a town where we knew no one (I'm serious- we didn't have ONE contact here) our friends and family were going to be our connection to sanity. And they would all be coming in from out of town, spending the night, sometimes multiple nights, to keep us company ( and to check in on the pool progress to pressure us into throwing massive parties next summer). 

Therefore, they needed a retreat. It was the least we could do to say thanks for traveling all that way to hang out with your friends who abandoned you in the big city for a life in the burbs. 


We didn't have a lot of room in our budget, so I had to get creative with reusing, repurposing and restyling things that we already had. I knew that pattern and color would be essential in tying everything together to make the space feel fun, fresh and inviting. 

The first thing I did was lay the antique Turkish rug (one of the best hand me downs we have ever received- it belonged to my husband's grandmother).


Next, I created a mock headboard with a beautiful vintage, indigo mud-cloth that I secured from a ShopFleaMarketFab Instagram sale last spring. It picks up the rich blues in the rug, yet the tribal print provides a nice contrast to the traditional style.

The side tables were once used in the family room of our former lake house, but now felt like the perfect height and width when placed next to the bed. (You probably noticed that they don't match- even better, in my opinion, for a collected-over-time feel.) Our more recently acquired lamps from the local Goodwill (for a mere $15!!) provided a comfortable amount of light for reading, while the filigree wood detail added visual interest.

The ONLY entirely new element of this space is the drapery. I found these tie-dye stunners while browsing CB2 for living room curtains and I couldn't resist adding them to my cart. I love how they add a pop of boho to the space (a big trend in the current world of interior design).

Opposite the bed, I created gallery wall using paintings and mirrors that didn't make it to the main living space. To create a sense of unity, I edited the content by choosing similar colors and tones.

And finally, I fashioned a low, long dresser from two narrow Ikea side tables by simply pushing them together, placing a textured runner across the top. Two fabric x benches from target (many many seasons ago) completed the gallery wall.


So now we have a guest room full of color and pattern that feels fun and thoughtful. I envision the only snag from having such a space will be getting people to go home... 

Check out the progress below from pre-Rath owned to it's current state!

State of the Interior (Rath Residence Remodel)

State of the Interior (Rath Residence Remodel)

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