Hello, my name is Diane Rath.

As an interior designer and stylist I get to express my creativity and love for form, texture, pattern, color and overall aesthetics every single day. Not only am I excited to turn blank spaces into beautiful places, but in opinion, there's nothing better than a good make over "challenge." Sometimes those updates may be in the homes of clients, friends, and family, while others are in our own home. 

And since we recently decided to escape the busy Manhattan lifestyle by purchasing an outdated ranch in the middle of Connecticut suburbia, my blog will be the place to catch my husband and me as we transform it into the modern oasis that we know it can be. 

Most recently, we've started a new side to the business: The Rath Project Flips. You can tune in to my site and my social media pages to watch us navigate the buying, designing, renovating and selling process of older homes that just need a little love. 

I hope my site inspires you to see design "challenges" as opportunities to express your creativity. I'd love to hear your feedback and personal stories!

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